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Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Dafna Maimon

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After All
Film installation

Length: loop approximately 5,5 min
Presentation: projection in a dark empty room
Size: approximately 4 x 3 meters
Filmed on 16mm/color with stereo audio

Synopsis: The installation is a projection running on a loop which seems like an endless film scene. You see the same actress multiplied four times half sitting, leaning or laying on a staircase. The actresses are crying hysterically in a very realistic way, as if their world were about to end.
The installation expresses a longing for the type of female we know from old movie classics, as it simultaneously criticizes the unrealistic nature of such a personage. The sadness it contains becomes humoristic when exaggerated and playing with the clichés of film reality. The silent high lights of the film are contrasted by the all too realistic embarrassing moments that we are usually spared from. It is a kind of an extreme femininity condensed into one scene or moment.


also by Dafna Maimon: Folie a Deux