Filmmakers 2006

Johann Arens
Vanja Dimitrova
Antonio Jaramillo Guzman
Jonas Sjöwall Haxø
Steven de Jong
Jessica Kälbermann
Avi Krispin
Elad Larom
Judith Leysner
Henrik Linnet
Dafna Maimon
Joana Pires Da Mota
Nir Nadler
Tamara Mirkovic
Dafna & Jonas
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Voorheen Audio Visueel
Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Dafna Maimon / Jonas Sjöwall Haxø

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Folie a Deux

  • Digibeta color/stereo - 11´26

  • Synopsis: Folie a deux "a madness shared by two" or just another definition for love?
    At one table in one dinner obsession, delusion, desire and expectations bounce back and forth from one to another creating one great gender battle. / /