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Steven de Jong
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Elad Larom
Judith Leysner
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Dafna Maimon
Joana Pires Da Mota
Nir Nadler
Tamara Mirkovic
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Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Elad Larom

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Mini DV / Black & White / 60 min.

1 The hermit
2 To your right and to your left in patatland
3 Two mirrors
4 The enlighted
5 Bracha
6 Mr. Ziscowitch

Synopsis: The project "Coalitzia" is a a six chapter story which formulates one theme.
A garbage man in Amsterdam finds by no coincidence a gun, and looks for its owner which reveals to be a key figure in town. With the help of the characters that he meets in each chapter, he gets closer to Mr.Ziscowitch until the final confrontation. "Coalitzia" is a craving for times that are gone. Times when cinema had a real social-political rule and in that sense, it is conceptually self aware: homage of looking at the past and mirroring the present

Written Directed & Edited by Elad Larom
Produced by Elad Larom & Asaf Elisha
Camera by - Asaf Elisha
Music by - Amsterdam klezmar Band