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Vanja Dimitrova

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Inspired by a true War story
Synopsis: A timeless and spaceless journey, through the worst conditions of a human´s life.

The idea of the film is questioning the morality of a War Photographer, a women War victim, which becomes a killer, audience as passive and safe watchers of events, as a future victim.
People that are forgotten, that never had their chance to tell their own story, their acts of enormous bravery and sacrifices.
Brutality of reality that doesn´t affect people, when retold in fiction gives safe seats to the world audience to get emotionally involved. Photographer hunted by his past, his memories got blurred by time, and he tries hard to remember again, so he can find the answers. The story is told from a woman´s perspective as we follow the three women, and three stories that are intricately woven together to become one. The three actresses in the film ABSENCE embody the concept of the ‘universal woman´.

The character of the woman in the theatre embodies the grotesqueness of people´s affection towards other people´s misery. One event so different than other horrible ones the Photographer witnessed, that made him question his morality and disabled him to take photos. One nameless young woman, which chooses life by committing a murder. They all ask a question, that´s why they are alive in this film, but it´s up to the audience to find these characters in reality and answer these questions they ask in my film. That´s how we can honor their life and as well our own.

One of my biggest challenge, through realization of this film I gained my biggest experience and knowledge. The people´s faith, one of the finest crew working only with believing in this film, undeniable dedication to the film, made it from impossible project to become possible. Supported by organizations that gave this film a chance to come to life.

Thank you all for believing.

Produced, Written, Edited and Directed by - Vanja Dimitrova
Leading Role - Thom Hoffman
Cinematography - Michael Brooke

Music Composed By - Kiril Dzajkovski
Co-Producer - Celine Baggen
World Press Photographs playing in the Film by - Bojan Stojanovic and Dusan Vranic